17 February 2009

On Change

I took this photograph on my way out West, America's furthermost left, geographically and arguably, politically. My car had not, until that point, ever traveled that far west, it felt as though I was trekking into unknowns, like those pioneers had done, a hundred and fifty years ago in their westward expansion. This was the first time I had driven, explored by myself, so far west. At the same time, I feel the times in which we live, considering the historic election and inauguration of President Obama, is the furthest "left" our country has ever gone. Even though the pioneers might have geographically succeeded in realizing Manifest Destiny, I think America (today) has taken another (progressive) step in recognizing "The American Dream."


CassieMarie said...

I can't wait to come and visit you out west and in the left - hehe.