18 December 2008

Snow Day!

School was cancelled due to the 'heavy' snow fall last night. Of course, a heavy snow fall here is really a dusting to those back in Wisconsin. People in this city just do not know how to drive in any less than perfect driving conditions like snow; even a heavy rain freaks them out, considering the number of accidents last night, too many to even report on the traffic update. But is it any wonder considering this city gets this kind of snowfall only happens once every thirty years? The last time this city saw a snow day was in 1979. This city is hardly equipped to handle any amount of snow; there are no salt trucks or plane de-icers, which translates to the airport effectively being shut down and the roads being icy and slick.

You know, I think I am more excited now, as a teacher, when there is a snowday than when I was a student (both comical and ironic?). At any rate this is decidedly good because I have a lot of busy work to catch up on before my flight leaves tomorrow: laundry, packing, frosting and decorating Christmas cookies, and last minute school business (which obviously I am putting off to do more pressing things...like blogging and facebook. Below are some photos of this rarity.