02 January 2010

Picture #1

I was recovering from the New Year's Eve. I woke up and decided then I needed to get of the city. I needed to clear my mind from the night (year?) before. I called up Michael and told him I needed to do something completely comfortable and banal, like walking through a casino. (I was not about to push boundaries or explore new horizons.)

So we left the city, to the California boarder. To do something completely Las Vegas, to meander through the outlet mall and casinos in Primm. Only reaction need be involved. That, strangely, is like comfort food to me. Maybe it’s the hub-bub, that constant, canned winning sound. I like taking in the decor, the the casino carpet: at once gaudy and entertaining. Who designs that stuff anyway? I want it in my house. Despite all the chaos ensuing and problems associated with the idea of a casino, it is comfortable.