04 November 2007

Gestating, Part 3 of 3 (OK, Hillary)

I sit entertained, in front of the computer screen, Youtube-television. This summer and into the fall, the days were more long and empty, animated only by occasional visits to Madison, Leisha’s house, or elsewhere in Oshkosh.

Typically an active season, summer has been for me a time of gestation, whose knowledge arrived whole and at once, though its meaning would take months. I guess technically, the Dog Days of Summer are kind of hard to pin down.  I had thought they were the last couple of weeks in August, but apparently they can extend from August through October. Though I employ the term to mean more of the stagnant feeling you get (read endure), and not the actual stagnant heat.

I know now my mind has changed modes. There has been a connection to fecundity – as my existential opposite. (Perhaps this has a correlation with supporting Hillary as the presidential candidate for the Dems.) Which bespeaks the question with Hillary: why is America skeptical of her? It seems obvious: she is – gasp – a woman!

Since August I’ve been wondering when the nation is going to bring up The Woman Question. That is, when is someone going to start asking if Hillary can lead because she’s female, or pointing to sexism, or looking at her female support, or asking if she’s too manly/not manly enough. Clinton has needed to cultivate toughness because she has been constantly attacked by the media for years - remember all the broughaha over her coral suit?